Essays by students from Professor Inger Brodey’s CMPL255H “The Feast in Philosophy, Film, & Fiction,” University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Fall 2010, Spring 2013, Spring 2015) and GLBL 492H “Global Food Films” (Spring 2017)

Farhana Ahmed, “Escapism: A Dream or Reality?” Fall 2010

Ana-Maria Balta, “The Virtues of Simplicity” Fall 2010

Willow Barefoot, “Hushpuppy’s Progression to Self-Reliance in Beasts of the Southern Wild” Spring 2015

Willow Barefoot, “La última cena: Horrifying Holiness” Spring 2015

Kenan Bateman, “Rose’s Identity Through Feasting in Titanic”  Spring 2013

Suejette Black, “Food as Means of Constraint and Liberation” Spring 2017

Suejette Black, “Food Fostering Relationship in Love in The Waitress Spring 2017

Suejette Black, “Hiding Behind Chocolate in Romantics Anonymous Spring 2017

Suejette Black, “Connecting one to Home Through Food in I am Love” Spring 2017

Leslie Ann Blake, “A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving”  Spring 2013

Catherine Bracken, “Why A Rat?” Spring 2013

Nina Bryce, “Snapshots of Change in American Food Identity” Fall 2010

Taylor Burklew, “Immortalizing Wealth in the Dutch Golden Age” Fall 2010

Emily Byrd, “Catholicism, Cream Cheese, and Cultural Commentary” Spring 2015

Emily Byrd, “Hierarchy and Hippophagy” Spring 2015

Zishu Chen, “Functional Food Making in Toast” Spring 2013

Austin Cooper, “Drug Store: A Photographical Analysis” Fall 2010

Abhishek Das, “Food Can Buy Love” Spring 2017

Abhishek Das, “From Salmon to Saffron: A Homecoming” Spring 2017

Abhishek Das, “Social Class in 3 Idiots Spring 2017

Abhishek Das, “Food as a Barrier” Spring 2017

Alyssa Davis, “Food as Concealment and Intimacy; Not Love” Spring 2013

Elizabeth Davis, “The Feast as a Form of Worship” Spring 2013

Mai Dvorak, “Mastering the Art of Relationships” Spring 2015

Mai Dvorak, “Drunk with Manners” Spring 2015

Daniella Dworschak, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” Spring 2013

Brent Eisenbarth, “A Volver to the Feast” Spring 2015

Brent Eisenbarth, “A Narrative on the Anti-Feast” Spring 2015

Tatiana Farmer, “A Story to Savor” Spring 2017

Tatiana Farmer, “The Diner for Lonely Souls” Spring 2017

Tatiana Farmer, “Café of Happiness” Spring 2017

Tatiana Farmer, “The Restaurant of Wishes” Spring 2017

Katie Friedman, “An Escape from the Life of the French Court” Fall 2010

Jordi Gaton, “Revenge is a Sweet Meat Pie” Spring 2017

Jordi Gaton, “A Taste of Revolution: Food’s Status and Power” Spring 2017

Jordi Gaton, “Fast Food, Globalization, and the Decline of Human Intellect” Spring 2017

Jordi Gaton, “The Altruism of the Snozzcumber” Spring 2017

Renu Gharpure, “The Greed and Artiface of Hamburgers” Spring 2013

Brady Gilliam, “Bliss and Righteousness: A Match Made in the Kitchen” Spring 2015

Brady Gilliam, “Beer and Art Nouveau: Culinary Culture and the Northern European Bourgeoisie” Spring 2015

Josh Green, “Soylent and Subjugation: Food as a Means of Control” Spring 2015

Josh Green, “The Luxury of the Centerpiece”  Spring 2015

Elise Hartley, “Death by Chocolate” Spring 2013

Jalen Heyward, “Food Bringing People Together” Spring 2017

Jalen Heyward, What Defines Food?” Spring 2017 

Jalen Heyward, Food: Breaking the Status Quo” Spring 2017

Jalen Heyward, Food: Reflection and Community” Spring 2017

Jalen Heyward, “Opium Scale” Spring 2017

Olivia Holder, “A Celebration of Home” Spring 2017

Olivia Holder, “The Call of Jalebis” Spring 2017

Olivia Holder, “The Proof is in the Pudding: Food and Reality” Spring 2017

Olivia Holder, “Tantalizing Luxury” Spring 2017

Martha Isaacs, “Only Ten Seats but Three Michelin Stars: Individual Purpose in Jiro Dreams of Sushi” Spring 2015

Martha Isaacs, “The Portable Feast” Spring 2015

Amirah Jiwa, “Food’s Role in Reinvention in Breakfast at Tiffany’s” Spring 2013

Rebecca Kirk, “I just cut them up like regular chickens? Spring 2013

Amanda Kubic, “Food as a Symbol of Societal Identity in The Age of Innocence” Spring 2013

Emily Kulenkamp, “Character and Feasting in Mamie Neugent’s 81st Fall 2010

John Ligtenberg, “Each Day a Pineapple Tin” Spring 2015

John Ligtenberg,  “What is Wine?” Spring 2015

Corynn Loebs, “Jupiter’s Return as the Sun King” Fall 2010

Ariana Lucido, “Escapism: A Dream or Reality?” Fall 2010

Ariana Lutterman, “The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover: Desire, Transgression, and Cannibalism” Spring 2013

Katelyn Liu, “A Fox Comes to Terms with not-being a Fox” Spring 2017

Katelyn Liu, “Insatiable Adults and Spirited Children” Spring 2017

Katelyn Liu, “The Secret to Beating a Master Chef” Spring 2017

Katelyn Liu, “When Life is Lifeless” Spring 2017

My Linh Luu, “The Art of Stuffed Cabbage: Politics and Passion in Haute Cuisine” Spring 2015

My Linh Luu, “Art in a New Age” Spring 2015

Jennifer Lyu, “The Cuban Shuffle of Carl Casper” Spring 2015

Jennifer Lyu, “Wine in Ancient China” Spring 2015

Tommy Moorman, “Delicate Hands” Spring 2015

Tommy Moorman, “The Capacity of a Wine Cup” Spring 2015

Rachel Murray, “Mind Over Taste Buds” Spring 2015

Rachel Murray, “Hungry for Power” Spring 2015

Alexis Mutter, “Belshazzar’s Big Night” Fall 2010

Jennifer Na, “Dinner and a Show: Grand Gestures of Food Sharing” Spring 2017

Jennifer Na, “Mix and Mash: a Fresh Take on Thanksgiving” Spring 2017

Jennifer Na, “From Glitz to Grits: A Lawful Waffle” Spring 2017

Jennifer Na, “Miscegenation Sandwich: Brown Bread Slathered with Mayonnaise” Spring 2017

Caitlin Nettleton, “Snapshots of Change in American Food Identity” Fall 2010

Christian Ortiz, “Food and Political Strategy During the 1930s” Spring 2017

Christian Ortiz, “How Traditional Cooking Brings People Together” Spring 2017

Christian Ortiz, “The Impact of Individual Food Histories on People’s Lives” Spring 2017

Christian Ortiz, “Is Coffee a Social Lubricant?” Spring 2017

Christian Ortiz, “Opium Scale” Spring 2017

Graham Palmer, “The Food-Based Identity of Samwise Gamgee” Spring 2013

Markella Patitsas, “Finding Freedom Through Fried Chicken” Spring 2015

Markella Patitsas,  “Vanity and the Vine” Spring 2015

Tori Placentra, “Food: Careers and Bonds” Spring 2017

Tori Placentra, “Indulgence as Empowerment” Spring 2017

Tori Placentra, “Food, Art, and Love” Spring 2017

Tori Placentra, “Healing In Tuscany” Spring 2017

Shirley Pu, “Even A Warrior Eats: Food from Shame to Strength” Spring 2017

Shirley Pu, “Wine and Blood: Carnality and Brutality in Zhang Yimou’s Red SorghumSpring 2017

Shirley Pu, “Can You Stomach It? The Sensual Thrill of Food in Tampopo (1985)” Spring 2017

Shirley Pu, “Feeding Big Consumers in a Small Town” Spring 2017

Eileen Quinn, “Freedom and Fried Green Tomatoes” Spring 2013

Becca Rohrer, “The Decadence of La Grande Bouffe” Spring 2013

Alexis Rose, “Evil and Good Through Food” Spring 2015

Alexis Rose,  “Staging Japanese Men” Spring 2015

Maggie Rutherford, “Honey of the Heart: Food as Spiritual Nourishment in The Secret Life of Bees” Spring 2015

Maggie Rutherford, “The Eighth Day: Holy Feasting in the Jewish Tradition”  Spring 2015

Julia Gray Saunders, “Yearning” Fall 2010

Madison Schroder, “Hannibal the Cannibal: The Fine Flavor of People” Spring 2015

Madison Schroder,  “Class in a Glass: The Socioeconomic History of Glassware” Spring 2015

Austin Stanion, “Savage Supper” Fall 2010

Jocelyn Streid, “The True Fool: Just Deserts and Power Inversions in The Dinner Game” Spring 2013

Sofia Soto Sugar, “Food for Relationships: Forming and Healing” Spring 2017

Sofia Soto Sugar, “How to Eat When You’re Expecting” Spring 2017

Sofia Soto Sugar, “Feeding the Body and the Soul” Spring 2017

Sofia Soto Sugar, “Decadence as Distance” Spring 2017

Skyler Tapley, “A Touch of Spice for a More Fulfilling Meal and Life” Spring 2017

Skyler Tapley, “Food, With Love” Spring 2017

Skyler Tapley, “Food as a Catalyst” Spring 2017

Skyler Tapley, “A World of Cheese and Happiness” Spring 2017

Kennedy Thompson, “Cuisine as a Bridge Between Cultures” Spring 2017

Kennedy Thompson, “Mellowed Martha” Spring 2017

Kennedy Thompson, “Mystical and Disciplinary Food in Matilda Spring 2017

Kennedy Thompson, “Eat to Live” Spring 2017

Neha Verma, “Food, Connection, and Identity in The Tale of Despereaux” Spring 2013

Christian Villacres, “Could a Warm, Home-Cooked Meal Thaw a Frozen Heart?” Spring 2017

Christian Villacres, “Substance Over Appearance” Spring 2017

Christian Villacres, “One Big Night: The Subjectivity of Art” Spring 2017

Christian Villacres, “The Breakfast Club Defined by Their Lunches” Spring 2017

Kerry Walsh, “Falling in Love over Food” Spring 2015

Kerry Walsh,  “Stop Horsin’ Around on the Meat Taboo” Spring 2015

Jack Wang, “Meals of a Game Show Star” Spring 2017

Jack Wang, “The Deadly Sin of High Class” Spring 2017

Jack Wang, “Food, Vengeance, and Cruel Irony” Spring 2017

Jack Wang, “Consumerism at the Cost of the Environment” Spring 2017

Madison Whalen, “Lester Burnham: From Creepy to Caring” Spring 2015

Madison Whalen,  “Gluttony and the Lord Mayor’s Day Feast” Spring 2015